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• High hosting and streaming speed
• Instant render and customization
• Comprehensive features for add-ons
• Ease of manipulation and navigation
• Helpful in monitoring and correcting actions

• No training/ tutorial included
• Limited discount offers

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VIDELLO Review Introduction


We all know that marketing video has long been an essential conversion booster for the sales pages and funnels. Thus, marketers always prioritize their effort and money spendings on professional hosting and marketing solution. VIDELLO, in such a circumstance, appears as a cost-effective solution for video marketing. This VIDELLO Review will now articulate on whether or not this software is really worth its weight in gold.

VIDELLO Review on Product General Info

Vendor: Josh Ratta
Product: VIDELLO
Launch Date: 2017-Jun-13
Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $47-$97
Sales Page:
Niche: Video
Recommend: Highly Recommend



VIDELLO Review Product Concept


VIDELLO is a professional marketing video-hosting platform on which users can securely host and stream their videos to any page of their choice. It is also a video designing tool that offers the templates for marketing videos, ensuring the quality of the footage and the convertibility of the outcome.

Inside VIDELLO, users can instantly stream their video messages, conduct A/B split test, add call-to-actions and analyze the overall performance of the video project. In other words, VIDELLO offers the full control over the video marketing campaigns.

Its primary focus is to enhance the sales process by optimizing the marketing video performance. And to really understand why it can do such things, this VIDELLO Review will elaborate on its features and mechanism.

VIDELLO Review About Author

VIDELLO Review Developers

Joshua Rattanong a.k.a Josh Ratta, a digital marketing expert, has launched many products that offer simple yet effective marketing solution for the industry. His most remarkable works include Video Sales Accelerator, Video Auto Profit, Moon Pixlar and iGoo Reloaded.

VIDELLO is the brainchild of Josh, brings his hope of becoming the ultimate solution for video marketing. Understanding that video marketing has now been a dominating aspect of the whole digital marketing field, Josh hopes to deliver a software tool that makes the tasks of video creating easier and faster.

To see if it really does what it claims, it’s best to look at what it can actually do. And my VIDELLO Review will now specify its features.

VIDELLO Review Features & Benefits

Hosting & Streaming

VIDELLO - Hosting & Streaming

As my VIDELLO Review already stated, this software acts as a platform on which users and host and stream their video. However, what seems to out stand this platform from only other hosting platform on today’s market is its high speed.

In fact, it does not require any loading time, the video appears instantly and runs smoothly. On this platform, users can easily and quickly get their video on air and get the reaction from the customer at a real time.


A/B video split testing

VIDELLO - AB video split testing

As a matter of fact, videos send the brand message faster and somehow more effectively than the text-based content. As a result, marketers have now turned to devising marketing videos to improve the traffic and conversion rate.

A/B testing, which is the controlled experiment of testing two different versions of the videos viewed by a split audience, provides a closer look at what works and what does not. With the help from A/B testing, users can track and compare the results of the two versions, and the finalize on which one should win.


Marketing CTAs

VIDELLO - Marketing CTAs

VIDELLO provides many call-to-action templates and allows for freedom of customization. Users can simply select a template they want and quickly edit it to their own taste and preference. Depending on the concept of the business, users may have different styles in designing their CTAs.

What my VIDELLO Review appreciates the most about this software is that it even allows for lower third animations, video frame, and incentive add-on. Users can add the animations even after they have created and render the project.

Also, they are free to edit the video frame and add as many sales incentives as they want onto the video. Lower thirds, note boxes, coupons, anything, simply select the template, personalize it, and add it to the video.


Performance analytics

VIDELLO - Performance analytics

VIDELLO enables its users to keep track of the performance of their video. Additionally, it offers the GEO based analytics, revealing the productiveness of the video on different location setting.

In other words, this platform allows for full control over the marketing campaign, enhancing the exposure of the video projects. With the performance analytics, users can have a bird-eye view of what is going on with their videos.

Along with the A/B split testing, this feature seems to further improve the efficiency of the marketing campaigns. More importantly, it gives users a hint of what they should do to monitor and further develop their video content.


VIDELLO Review Software Mechanism

VIDELLO -Software Mechanism

VIDELLO works on a simple mechanism. It provides the templates, allows users to customize them, and acts as a hosting platform for them to stream their videos. Inside this platform, users will find all the materials that are ready-to-use for their video marketing campaign.

It’s thus fair to say that VIDELLO removes the need for outsourcing. As any user can create, host and stream their video on their own, they won’t find themselves struggling to hire anyone. There’s now no need for a designer or a web developer that is professional enough to understand and put their ideas into action.

Put it simply, VIDELLO works in 3 simple steps.

Select – Choose a template

Customize – Edit the video project

Convert – Render the video, host and stream it on the target page

VIDELLO Review Target User

VIDELLO - Review Target User

Stop reading this VIDELLO Review if you are looking for something complicated and high-tech. This platform is designed for the newbies. This means that users don’t need to have any prior experience, skill, or understanding.

It’s thus suitable for the novice or beginner looking for a simple yet effective way to do video marketing. It’s also a good choice for those who lost their way in video marketing. This platform, speaking honestly, can be the only tool a marketer ever need for any of their video campaigns.

Besides the focus on digital marketer, VIDELLO is also compatible with anyone interested in video marketing but with a lack of expertise. As long as you have the interest in it, I believe you are good enough to use this software.

VIDELLO Review Pros & Cons


  • High hosting and streaming speed
  • Instant render and customization
  • Comprehensive features for add-ons
  • Ease of manipulation and navigation
  • Helpful in monitoring and correcting actions


  • No training/ tutorial included
  • Limited discount offers

VIDELLO Review Personal Experience

VIDELLO - Comparison

I don’t think I need to have any regret for rating this software as “Highly Recommend” in my VIDELLO Review. From the personal perspective, this is an easy-to-use software tool that can solve the frustration of video marketing effectively.

For video editing, the task is simply to drag and drop. And for video streaming, there seems to be no worry about it because the streaming power is strong enough for backing the video to run smoothly.

But if there is one thing I don’t like about this software, it’s the lack of training and instruction. There is no tutorial for using the software ; users may need some trials and error before actually being able to master it. By the way, i will suggest to you :

VIDELLO Review Evaluation & Price


VIDELLO is now available for sales at the $47 front-end price. But please be aware of the price because it may increase after the launch week. If you want to secure the discount offer, it’s advisable to do it as soon as possible.

>> Visit the sales page HERE <<

Homepage of VIDELLO

For those who are still hesitating over their buying decision, it’s crucial to grab VIDELLO now. As my VIDELLO Review already reminded you, the discount won’t wait for anyone. And if you want to have a good deal of your purchase, it’s best to be an early bird.

VIDELLO Review Bottom Line

Video marketing is an important aspect of any campaign. It can determine the success of the failure of the whole project. And to ensure there is a minimum investment for an optimum outcome, using VIDELLO is a good choice. Thank you for reading this VIDELLO Review, and I hope I just made your buying decision easier.



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