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SociVideo Jukebox Review

Nobody wants to be forgotten. Even in social media marketing, where things turn upside down in a minute, every company wants their brand to be remembered as long as possible.

You may think it’s nonsense because what you need, in the end, is money. However, it really makes sense. Making others remember your company means you made a successful promoting campaign. And a good marketing will lead to greater chance to get the leading position of the market.

So how do you do that? You want someone recognize your brand, you have to show it to their faces regularly. Think about your frequency. Post frequency stands the no 1 position in top 4 ways using social media of big brands, according to Adglow.

But you can’t sit still at your computer for all days. Even if you can, what will you post? Spamming? No!

The answer is here. My SociVideo Jukebox Review will show you how you can find viral content and plan to post it days and nights.

SociVideo Jukebox Review Overview

Vendor: Ben Murray
Product:  SociVideo Jukebox
Launch Date: 24th May, 2017
Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
Front – End Price: $47
Sale Page:
Niche:   General  — Social Marketing
Recommend: Highly Recommeded

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SociVideo Jukebox Review on the Core Values

SociVideo Jukebox is a brand new posting app which allows you to schedule your posts at ease. However, it’s not all. This app can help you find viral and high converting content to repost your old content

SociVideo Jukebox Review Feature

My SociVideo Jukebox Review will show you how amazing it is. With this app, you can boost up your income massively. Let’s check it out now!

SociVideo Jukebox Review on the author

SociVideo Jukebox Developer - Ben Murray SociVideo Jukebox Developer - Tushar




In my SociVideo Jukebox Review, I don’t want to talk much about the developer of a software because if a software is good, it can speak for itself rather than lean on the popularity of author. So let’s come quickly with this part just to show you who he is in case you want to ask for refund. LOL!

SociVideo Jukebox is published by Ben Murray. He has been a familiar name on JVZoo with many excellent products such as WP Theme Ultima, , Video Launch , Big Launch, … His works have received favored response from online marketers because of its real efficiency. To make SociVideo Jukebox, he has spent months working on it.

Now, let’s keep on my SociVideo Jukebox Review with the checklist of great features of this product.

SociVideo Jukebox Review on Great Features and Benefits

This powerful system embodies with many brilliant features. However, I think it’d be waste of your time listing them one by one. So, in this SociVideo Jukebox Review, we’ll just go through the most important benefits of its.

SociVideo Jukebox Review Benefit

  • Easy to use for even low techy
  • Post many contents all over and over again without reschedule it
  • Auto-schedule and post videos natively to FB
  • Search for viral content within click
  • Support RSS feed post technology
  • Categorize the post queuing
  • No limits on post schedule
  • Run both on FB and Twitter
  • No struggling for creating new high converting post
  • Save your time to make even more paychecks
  • Automate to share trending and viral content in your niche to get huge traffic
  • Compatible on both Mac and Win PC

SociVideo Jukebox Review on how to make it work

SociVideo Jukebox Guide

You may think it’s complicated to use this app. but the truth is it’s so simple. And in this SociVideo Jukebox Review, I’ll show you how:

Step 1:Create your content jukeboxes

You can categorize your jukebox for types of content you want it to post. You can create juke boxes for GIF, memes, or even videos.

Step 2:Tell your jukeboxes what to post. Import your content into each juke box. You can use your own content or SociVideo Jukebox will search for related viral content for you with keyword given.

Step 3: Schedule your post. Choose the time for your post on FB and Twitter and SociVideo Jukebox will update your statuses all auto pilot.

In this SociVideo Jukebox Review, I will give you the walkthrough here so you can see how simple it is.

SociVideo Jukebox Review on Comparison

SociVideo Jukebox Comparison

To give you the better view at this product, I’ve figured out about the similar products. The aspect I want to analyze deeply in this SociVideo Jukebox Review is a software as an auto post app. Let’s weigh some products to see clearly its strength and weakness. We’ll look into SociVideo Jukebox, Argyle Social, Buffer and NetworkedBlog.

Argyle Social is an auto posting app used popular among large businesses on FB. This app allows you to schedule and publish status on top social media platforms. My favorite feature of this app is you can add the link to your website below your post instead of letting audience see this update comes from Argyle Social.

Its least attractive point is its price. The monthly fee starts at $300, much more than the price of our main guy here. So it’s clearly see that this’s not competitive price for all users. Though the developer offers additional tool such as analytics or ROI checking, it’s price still a tough try.

If you’re regretting the smart Argyle Social, don’t be wiped off. Keep on reading. I’m sure you can find more suitable products for your business in this SociVideo Jukebox Review.

The next one is Buffer. Buffer also a good choice to schedule your posts. It can automate to post on FB, Twitter and LinkedIn based on your setting. However, this app gets a minus point on its limitation of the accounts and the updates you can schedule. To get it unlimited, you have to upgrade to the Premium plan with the recurring fee at $99 per month.

NetworkedBlogs is the last product I choose to compare in this SociVideo Jukebox Review. Unlike the two above, price seems nothing with this app. You still can plan your posts in advance on FB and Twitter.

But this app requires you to verify your account to be authorized enough to post updates. If you want to schedule posts on your blog, you have to temporarily set up a widget attached to it. If you want to post your updates on FB, you have to ask your friends to confirm you are really the owner of this account.  Annoying, right?

So, come back to our main actor SociVideo Jukebox. I think you can see clearly the bad and the good of all products I’ve mentioned in this SociVideo Jukebox Review. In my opinion, Argyle Social is still holding it top position with many effective and powerful features. However, not everybody can afford its membership. At the lower level, SociVideo Jukebox will be my choice. It has an affordable price and its features are relatively neck and neck with Argyle Social as an auto post machine.

SociVideo Jukebox Quality

However, we just see SociVideo Jukebox with one eye. The big picture is this app can track down the viral content for you, too. Within this product, you will never have to struggle to think what to post and when to post. It’s 2 in 1 product for you.

SociVideo Jukebox Review on Evaluation

My SociVideo Jukebox Review will balance for you the strength and weakness of this product.


  • Work both on FB and Twitter
  • Compatible with both Mac and Win
  • Allow user to create different juke boxes


Ihaven’t detected its weakness. In case you’re running into when using this app, share with me right in this SociVideo Jukebox Review so we can discuss it.

SociVideo Jukebox Review on Recommendation

SociVideo Jukebox Recommend

This app will work best for product vendor and affiliate. With vendor, you can optimize your post frequency to make people familiar with your product. Affiliate can use this app to schedule for review and tutorials to attract your audience and get your commission.

In my SociVideo Jukebox Review, I also want to make recommendation for local business and freelancer to get best benefits with this app. it will automate to take charge of your sites reliably while you’re doing something else.

Recommend review :

SociVideo Jukebox Review on Payment Method and Price

SociVideo Jukebox Price

Though I’ve said above the front – end price is $47, I want to make it clear in my SociVideo Jukebox Review that the public price is $497 per year, which means you have to make the subscription and will be charged monthly. However, within the launching days, you can purchase it with just $47 and it’s a one-time payment, no recurring fee, no extra charge.

SociVideo Jukebox Free Trial


You can require it online with your PayPal and Master, or Visa Card. You’re excited yet? But hold on, let’s finish my SociVideo Jukebox Review first to see what the better option for you is. You can choose between the Lite and pro Version.

SociVideo Jukebox -Front to end price SociVideo Jukebox - OTO Price

The Lite version allows you to set up 10 jukeboxes and no RSS feed technology. You can connect only one account. The PRO version is more open with 30 jukeboxes and all features are available. You can also connect 100 accounts within this package.

SociVideo Jukebox Review Bottom Line

I hope you can find the useful information with my SociVideo Jukebox Review. Although there’re many posting apps, I advise you to consider carefully before purchasing them. SociVideo Jukebox is now offered with a big discount. Don’t miss it. And I’ll see you in the next review later.

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