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Social Video Ads Review – Introduction

You may have worked in the marketing world for such a long time ago but do you actually know everything about it? And know how to do everything in the right way? We are not so sure about that, right?

Most of the things we know about Social Video Ads is taught by ourselves. That is why perhaps there are a few things we have misconceptions about. Luckily, we now have Social Video Ads. It gives us a way to check back on everything we have learned and see if we have approached it in the right way or not.

Let’s follow my Social Video Ads Review and dig into details about the whole package.

Social Video Ads Review – Overview

  Vendor:   Cham Altatis
  Product:   Social Video Ads
  Launch Date:   2017-May-16
  Launch Time:   11:00 EDT
  Front-end Price:   $27
  Niche:   >> Video <<
Salepage :
  Bonus   CLICK HERE
  Recommend:   Highly recommended
  Customer support:   Responsive

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Social Video Ads Review – What is Social Video Ads?

Social Video Ads

Social Video Ads is a training course which gives you knowledge about the world of marketing. Some of them are the basics, but there are many other things that I am sure you have never heard of before. The lessons are put in the way that makes it easy for learners to understand.

Cham Altatis

Cham Altatis – Creator of Social Video Ads

Social Video Ads will decipher everything you have failed to understand or failed to finish for all the time. Going right to the point and give a brief and simple solution to it, that is what people say about the product.

Social Video Ads Review – Feature details

Let’s focus on this part of the Social Video Ads Review because this is the main thing you should know about the product. There are so many important pieces of information you should not leave out when considering buying it.

Game plan

Game plan

Ad campaigns will not work if you just putting ads and pointing it on the product. It just doesn’t work that way. This module will explain why your ad campaigns usually fail as well as suggest the strategy to get the highest ROI from the amount of money you have spent.


Image and video preparation

Image and video preparation

In this module, you will see which kinds of videos and images that can work effectively on Facebook. You also know how to put the right content with the videos. Putting right contents can help increase leads significantly.

I should not forget to tell this news to those who do not know a thing about graphic designs. This module also shows you how to make professional image ad from scratch. Isn’t it cool?

Target audience research

Target audience research

Targeting is crucial when it comes to generating leads. In this stage, you will figure out how to search for the right target and search effectively regardless of what your niche is.


Running ad campaign

Running ad campaign

This may be the thing you have expected while reading my Social Video Ads Review. You will have chances to watch the vendor – Cham create an ad campaign on Facebook using Power Edit. There is no other way of learning that is more effective than this one – watch and learn.

Facebook Ads retargeting

Facebook Ads retargeting

The best thing about Facebook is that you can keep track of everything that is happening with your campaigns: how many likes, who have visited your pages and things like that. This module will give you an overview of these skills.


Facebook Video Ads and retargeting

Facebook Video Ads and retargeting

Many of you may not know about accumulating views and retarget those who used to watch your videos. You also figure out what kinds of videos that can make your campaigns run smoothly.


Lookalike and custom audience

Lookalike and custom audience

Now you can even expand the target reach even more than before. Leveraging Facebook’s lookalike as well as audience features are what you should know from this module.




This is also a plus I want to mention in this Social Video Ads Review. The vendor also adds some bonuses that show you how to run ads for affiliate and ads for Instagram campaigns.


Social Video Ads Review – Who should buy it?

The target audience of the product is newbies, in other words, starting marketers who may not have any clue about how things work in the niche. The second kind of audience is marketers who still struggle making things work.

Let’s come to the next part of the Social Video Ads Review to see more about the two sides of the product.

Social Video Ads Review – Pros and cons

In this section of the Social Video Ads Review, I will give you my perspective about the product in general:


  • Suitable for all kinds of learners
  • Constant support from the vendor


I want more lessons on the product. The lessons are so good that I do not feel any bored at all.

Social Video Ads Review – User experience

The reason that urges me to write this Social Video Ads Review is that it is completely beyond my expectation. Looking back, I realize I have learned so much and made so many progress after finishing the whole course. Now I have complete confidence in my ability when handling ad campaigns. I also get much more satisfying results than before I knew this course.

I hope through this Social Video Ads Review you can also find something helpful from the product, making online marketing become something you really love to do.


Social Video Ads Review – What other people say about the product

  • Kevin Davis : Cham, I’ve finished the four lessons in module one. I have to say, you give knowledge and true. I don’t know marketing experience is that crucial to succeeding at having your own business. I haven’t gotten that straight forward truth from anyone else about video. Your lessons deciphered the code to making it in any business online.
  • Bob Santero: Great training, I bought everything and am I so glad. I’ve bought a lot of stuff in my time, and this training is by far the best. Thank you so much!
  • Jackie Burgoa: Ok, so I completed the entire course in one go. I have to admit it, very good information. I thought I was a Camtasia power user, but I learned a ton of new stuff. I had no idea you could do with Camtasia. Overall, very helpful and what I like the most is that it gives you a birds-eye-view of all the different video types. It helped me clarify, which type works best for me and what I am trying to accomplish.
  • Mike Remer: Chamberlane, I like your training style, right to the point.
  • Michael Rytter: Thanks Cham! This course is undoubtedly one of the best educational investments I have made in YEARS!
  • David Stringer: Wonderful Cham. I’ve just looked through what you have done and have to say a big thank you. I should really be able to get to grips with the information you have provided. Very Well Done!
  • Jason Lumines: thank you sir Cham for sharing I believe is the most comprehensive, reliable.
  • Rick Bushell: OK, I finally had some spare time and watched this. Fantastic .. Cham, I constantly had to literally stop myself from thinking and concentrate on what you were saying! As video marketing has a way to go to take off where I live (anything digital really) I’ve decided to market my services to the Sydney market, 3.5 hr drive south. I will market to owners of Holiday Lettings (known elsewhere as Vacation Rentals) and will start in the next 2/3 weeks. WIII let you know how I go. This is exciting now!

Here the proof : 

Kevin Davis





Bob Santero

Jackie Burgoa





Mike Remer



Michael Rytter

David Stringer



Jason Lumines



Rick Bushell

Social Video Ads Review – Evaluation and Price

Social Video Ads Launch Date


Another important information I cannot fail to mention in this Social Video Ads Review is the price. The price for this amazing product is $27. This is a very affordable price for such a course with so many useful modules.

Click here to buy it …

Payment Social Video Ads


This is a must-have for the marketers who would like to reach the level of professional in the easiest and shortest way.

Thanks for reading my Social Video Ads Review and I hope it helps you make the right choice.

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