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Scarcity Maximizer Review

Conversion rates have always been a topic that causes online marketers chronic headaches. The usual problem people tend to face is that they have tried every possible method and tool but could not find the effective one.

I used to be like that. But not anymore. I have found a perfect solution for my own issue and I want to share with you in this Scarcity Maximizer Review . Scarcity Maximizer is really a must-have in any marketer’s tool-box.

Let’s start with my Scarcity Maximizer Review to know what it is and why it can increase conversion rate.

Scarcity Maximizer Review – Overview

Vendor  Luan Henrique
Product  Scarcity Maximizer
Launch Date  30th April, 2017
Launch Time  11:00 EDT
Front-End Price  $27
Customer support  Responsive
Niche  Software
Refund  30 days back money policy
Recommend  Highly recommended

Scarcity Maximizer Review - Rating


What is Scarcity Maximizer ?

Scarcity Maximizer is a special tool that can create countdown timers for the products you launch. You can also use the timers in opt-in forms, emails and above all, sales pages to leverage your offer. People will feel compelled to buy your product when there is a countdown timer from Scarcity Maximizer.

The tool makes use of a psychological trick in which force people to do the thing you want in the limited amount of time. By doing so, you can increase converting rates sales effectively.

Let’s get on the next part of my Scarcity Maximizer Review to find out more!

About author

Scarcity Maximizer Review - Author


The creator of my life saver is Luan Henrique. He is currently one of the most talented digital marketers with a bunch of skills and techniques.

I should not forget to mention in this Scarcity Maximizer Review that he has successfully launched many products including SEO Masterclass, FB auto, and WP secure.


Scarcity Maximizer Review – Feature details

This is the essential part of my Scarcity Maximizer Review . I will make a list of special features you should not miss at all:


Scarcity Maximizer Review - Cloud-based

The software is designed to work online completely. As long as you have constant Internet connection, you can always get access to the tool without installing any further software or using a third-party device.

Easy to interact

Scarcity Maximizer Review - Easy to interact

Luan Henrique offers a very user-friendly interface that enables you to get used to it in just a couple of minutes. You can also manage the whole campaigns with just a dashboard. Imagine how much time you can save when there are tons of campaigns and projects on your list.

Incredible templates

Scarcity Maximizer Review - Incredible templates

This is the reason that urges me to write this Scarcity Maximizer Review . You can save lots of time for designing stuff because the software introduces many readymade templates. All you have to do is to click and edit. That’s it. So simple!

Scarcity Maximizer Review – How does it work?

Scarcity Maximizer Review - How does it work ?

The steps you have to follow is as below in the Scarcity Maximizer Review :

  • Step 1: log in the software and create a product
  • Step 2: choose the timers you want and edit it
  • Step 3: copy and paste that code on your pages, email or anywhere

Click here to watch the demo video  

Who should buy it?

Another thing I would like to mention in the Scarcity Maximizer Review is the target audience. This product is particularly suitable for beginners. However, it does not automatically mean that professionals cannot use it. It is available for everyone.

Scarcity Maximizer Review – Pros and cons

Perhaps you want to see the pros and cons in my Scarcity Maximizer Review , I have already listed them out:

About the pros:

  • Cloud-based
  • Easy to interact
  • Comes with tutorials
  • Constant support from the vendor

About the cons:

Sometimes the timer styles are not so impressive, however, the Scarcity Maximizer PRO offers many exclusive templates to choose from. Actually, I want to notice in this Scarcity Maximizer Review that the con does not matter much. The advantages completely outweigh it.

User experience

When writing this review, it suddenly dawns on me that I should also share my experience. The knowledge, experience, product evaluation skills, how to recognize a potential product and many other skills that I have today, have to go through a long process of accumulation. I learned a lot of knowledge about digital marketing from bloggers, famous websites.

And is my most impressive website. Especially the product evaluation and writing skills of him, very unique, simple, clear, honest and a little crazy. I’ve learned a lot from this site, even though it’s just a new site and I want to introduce it to my readers, hoping it will help them. I’ll share more in the following articles. And now, we come back to the main problem. Is not it geart!

Well, I have heard that there are three types of timers that Scarcity Maximizer offers: countdown timers, email timers, and banner timers. I wanted to try the countdown timers.

So I did. I did everything according to the process and set for my own page a timer. And you know what? It worked beautifully. The conversion rates and sales kept going up and up. I did not expect such a normal psychological trick could work that much.

So I want to say in the Scarcity Maximizer Review that you should use it too. It will absolutely work better than everything you have expected. You had better get the PRO version for more eye catching templates. Personally, I find it much more attractive than the version I used to try.

Scarcity Maximizer Review – Evaluation and Price

The product offers a $27 – which is a pretty good deal for people of all economic abilities. The vendor also introduces many attractive bonuses for early birds. So make sure you buy it at the right time to get the gifts.

You should pay on visa card, credit card or via pay pal as well. These payments method will be much more convenient.

I hope everything I have listed out in this Scarcity Maximizer Review is useful to you. The last thing I am going to say in the Scarcity Maximizer Review is best wishes and I hope you can make the right choice.

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