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#1 : 20k Profits Whistleblower

Urchance Review - 20k Profits Whistleblower

Step-by-step training shows you how to make $267 per day or more.
The exact steps to make money as soon as this week and then giving you everything you need to scale that up into a “fire your boss” online income.
This is the most complete training for quickly making money online and then scaling up to a five figure monthly income.

#2 : Amazon Advanced Product Marketing

Urchance Review - Amazon Advanced Product Marketing

Learn how to access Amazon’s secret marketing platform and use it to supercharge your sales. Here’s just some of what you’ll get out of this course:

  • Learn from ultra-successful Amazon seller Mike McClary.
  • Take advantage of the loophole that gives you access to Amazon Marketing Services (AMS).
  • Build a Brand Page that solidifies your credibility and gets customers to convert.
  • Eliminate the guesswork and save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on marketing.

#3 : 24 Hour Traffic Machine

Urchance Review - 24 Hour Traffic Machine

Little known traffic source generates top quality targeted traffic 24 hours a day on 100% autopilot. You will learn:

  • How to drive cheap targeted traffic to your offers and products 24 hours a day on complete auto-pilot.
  • How to set up your first traffic campaign in the next 10 minutes.
  • How to tweak your traffic campaigns for best results.
  • A traffic method that you can turn on when ever you like with a push of a button to drive huge targeted traffic to your products and offers.

#4 : 7 Day Plug and Play Funnel

Urchance Review - 7 Day Plug and Play Funnel

A proven funnel guaranteed to bring in a steady stream of leads in only 7 days.
I want to give you a full, complete, proven plug-n-play online marketing funnel that will allow you to access all of your sidewalk leads.
We simply show you what you need to have a high conversion funnel which will bring in leads for cheap, allowing you to nurture them into lifelong customers.

#5 : Pre-Suasion

Urchance Review - Pre-Suasion

Robert Cialdini explains how to capitalize on the essential window of time before you deliver an important message.
This “privileged moment for change” prepares people to be receptive to a message before they experience it.
He illustrates how the artful diversion of attention leads to successful pre-suasion and gets your targeted audience primed and ready to say, “Yes.”

#6 : Kindle Enigma

Urchance Review - Kindle Enigma

Full newbie guide to becoming triple best seller on Kindle and racking over $94 every day.
From A-Z everything that you need to know. You will find out how this system works.
You will get everything in Over the Shoulder manner so you can follow exactly what I am doing to become a best seller.


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#7  Cash In With Bing

Cash In With Bing

Simple Bing ads strategy that generates over $118 per day & builds a massive list on auto pilot.
You simply copy exactly what we do, to guarantee results.
You’ll learn how to create a special page that provides the right solution and allows you to build a list and make immediate sales.
We reveal our personal follow up sequence that will instantly triple your daily income.

#8  Madsense Reborn

Madsense Reborn

Here is how we turned $5 traffic budget into $7,898/month pure profit 30 minutes/day business.
Adsense is an easy way to make money if you know what you’re doing, and highly targeted, risk free paid traffic is the way to do so.
Get started with a budget of only $5 and you’re set.
No technical skills required at all.
Unlimited potential, some people are making mid six figs with it.
Very scalable and easily scalable and invest more only after you earn.

#9 Google Adwords Made Easy

Google Ad Made Easy

The code-cracking secrets that can unleash a torrent of endless targeted traffic for your business.

You will learn:

The tiny budget that’s all you need to start using Google AdWords.
How Google AdWords Plus’s revolutionary ‘Hangouts’ will likely revolutionize the way we all do business.
How Google Adwords has revolutionized advertising with its pin-point targeting of only the most fitting prospective customers for your business.

#10  Golden Keyword Secrets

Golden Keyword Secrets

Saying that professional keyword research is just using software is like saying professional gaming is just mashing buttons on a controller.
You’re missing out on seo education that’ll allow you to confidently attack keyword research like a professional. You need a step-by-step fool-proof system that has been tested to work for regardless of current knowledge or what business you’re in.
I will show how to build evergreen traffic with the perfect mix of keywords.

#11  Bing PPC Breakthrough Formula

Bing PPC Breakthrough Formula

Learn how to setup profitable campaigns in Bing, build multi-offer sales funnels, setup tracking, build massive email lists with positive ROI.

100% newbie friendly.
Full Bing ads platform walk-through.
Advanced strategies & techniques
How to properly track & scale winning keywords
Build a massive email list with positive ROI on the front-end.
Resources & offers we personally use in Bing
Copy our exact high converting funnel.

#12  Bing Ecom Takeover System

Bing Ecom Takeover System

Build a stable, lasting commerce business that’s not dependent on any one product or winning campaign to stay alive and thrive.

You will discover:

Complete Bing Ecom Takeover System that generates thousands of ecommerce customers for pennies on the dollar.
Exactly how much to bid on Bing to ensure consistent profitable buyer flow.
Slam-Dunk niche and product selection criteria that gives him a whopping 83% success rate.The Going from zero to $1000’s per-month… in 20 days or less.

#13  FB Cash Formula

FB Cash Formula

Tap into 1.5 billion people and start generating $300+ per day will Facebook.
FB Cash Formula is a comprehensive and intuitive ecourse where you will learn the secrets behind creating a long-lasting, profitable online business using the power of Facebook.
This new and innovative course was built into the concept of helping you to finally make the kind of money that you deserve.

#14  Bulletproof Direct Buys

Bulletproof Direct Buys

Learn how to cut out the middle man and side-step your competition with the most old-school media buying method still alive.
With Direct Media Buys you can place your ads directly on websites your prospects frequent and thus, you will enjoy much more control over scale and consistency. And it also lets you keep your profits.
You won’t even have to put up with all the rules and regulations Google and Facebook throws in front of you.

#15  $10 a Day Traffic Plan

$10 a Day Traffic Plan

This is a proven plan to help you quic
kly roll out new traffic campaigns so you can identify winners.

This training covers everything you need to know to get started testing your offers – from audience targeting to ad creation and launching the ad, and more.

#16  The Blog Millionaire

The Blog Millionaire

Learn from a master blogger who build his blog from zero to 2 million monthly visitors.

You will learn:

How to find a buy a domain that will instantly rank on Google.
My secret keyword research tactic for taking blogs from 100k to 500k.
6 tactics I used to build my Pinterest traffic to 15k/month.
6 optimisation tricks that will triple your email opt-ins.
6 areas in Google analytics that you need to watch.
Creating and online course you can charge up to 2K for.
The 3 types of posts that convert 500% more affiliate sales.
And much more

#17  The Blog Launch Boot Camp

The Blog Launch Boot Camp

The exact system I used to launch boost blog traffic, creating one of the most successful blogs online.
You will learn:

The 10 best niches for any blog. If you start a blog within any of these niches, your chances of success go up at least 1000%
The five rules for choosing your blog topic.
The worksheet I use for learning exactly what an audience wants to know.
How to choose the perfect angle, so your audience is excited about your blog from day one.
Why you no longer need SEO keywords in your domain name.

#18  Perfect Publishing System For Kindle

Perfect Publishing System For Kindle

The 4 most important steps you need to know to finally growing your author business while building a real fan base and selling more books than ever.

We’re going to show you…
How to finally get traction in your author marketing efforts to see real and lasting results.
How to truly grow a fan base of loyal readers who buy your books, tell their friends & beg for more.
How to get the most powerful tool 99% of authors overlook.
Step-by-step training on how to launch ads on any budget that produce insanely powerful results.
And much more

#19  Ultimate Ecover Pro

Ultimate Ecover Pro

I have for you a great collection of high quality eCovers, almost everything you need to create quick graphics design for PDF Reports, Kindle Ebooks, Salesletter Headers and a lot more.

No more hassle with graphic designers.
Forget about spending more time creating your own cover designs.

#20  Bay Profits Academy

Bay Profits Academy

Bay Profits Academy is a unique, up-to-date and the first of its kind training that provides you with cutting edge proven information on setting up your eBay business for guaranteed success.

You will learn:

How to set up eBay business account from the start.
How to source from big suppliers while being safe.
How to make best product images.
First page ranking tactics for free traffic and much more..
How to scale everything up including outsourcing and automation mastery.

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