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#1 : SEO 2016

Urchance Review Bonus 1 - SEO 2016


SEO 2016 will walk you through search engine optimization techniques used to grow countless companies online, exact steps to rank high in Google, and how get a ton of customers.
SEO 2016 is now updated to cover the latest changes to Google’s algorithm, and walks you through the latest updates and how to use them to your advantage.
This book also reveals industry secrets about staying ahead of Google’s algorithm and what potential Google changes may be coming up in 2016.

#2 : Yoast Basic SEO Training


Urchance Review Bonus 2 - Yoast Basic SEO Training


Course update! Because of the ever-changing SEO landscape we add an update on SEO, WordPress and Yoast to our courses every quarter. Check out the April 2017 update by Joost in your course!

You want to develop your own SEO strategy and be able to optimize your own website? This online Basic SEO training will teach you the fundamentals of SEO! It will give you lots of practical tips so you can immediately start to improve any website!

#3 :  8 Step SEO Plan

Urchance Review Bonus 3 - 8 Step SEO Plan

Are you looking to rank your website first on Search Engines? This book is written to help business owners and marketers rank their websites at the top of search engines using ethical, proven SEO strategy. In this book highly acclaimed website marketing firm president, John Vincent Kriney, reveals his Search Engine Optimization, SEO, strategy. The 8 Step SEO Plan explains how he does effective SEO in 8 easy to implement steps. This is a proven online marketing plan to rank websites high, and often 1st, in search rankings. Learn the secret recipe that helped hundreds of real world businesses achieve top rankings on search engines.


#4 :  SEO MasterClass 

Urchance Review Bonus 4 - SEO MasterClass

SEO MasterClass is a powerful step by step training behind of my shoulders that show you how I and my clients are doing first page rankings in days, and more importantly, making BANK from it.

If you can hear me and learn, you’re ready to go & CRUSH!


#5 : Real Seo Secrets 

Urchance Review Bonus 5 - Real Seo Secrets

The Real Seo Secrets Videos Training Includes

Video #1 – Into to panda and penguin and the main Ranking issues.
Video #2 – What Ad Penalties are and how to avoid them
Video #3 – The secrets of bounce rate. What is is and how it affects your website.
Video #4 – The truth about duplicate content and what you can do to about it
Video #5 – The essential pages that google needs to see to rank you
Video #6 – Articles, content and readability rules in place and why it affects rankings.
Video #7 [part 1] – offpage links and majestic seo
Video #7 [part 2] – offpage links and site explorer
Video #8 – Bonus panda and penguin tips for your site


#6 : eCommerce All-Stars

Urchance Review Bonus 6 - eCommerce All-Stars

Am I Right for eCommerce All-Stars?
If you have an eCommerce business—or want to start one—and you’re ready to achieve growth, then the simple and honest answer is… YES!
No matter where you are in your business, this event will be immensely valuable for you.


#7 : Authority Machine 

Urchance Review Bonus 7 - Authority Machine

Authority Machine is a 8 week INTENSE training course that was created specifically to help get out of the shiny object rut and start focusing on building a website with a proven plan to success.

By joining Authority Machine you will get our complete system for building and scaling out profitable authority sites, but even more we are going to keep you motivated with a very rigorous structure, systems, coaches, and other methods to keep you focused on what is important…growing out a real business that can help you achieve a better financial future.

You already know that the key to long term financial success is to build something that has true value, not a one page website that gets a bunch of spammy links.

If you want to rank in Google, you have to do it right from the very beginning.

We are going to give you the exact system we use to build, rank, and scale large web properties.


  >> UPDATE Saturday June 17th, 2017  << 

#8 : Digital Software Lab

Digital Software Lab

Develop and sell your own highly profitable software applications without needing to write any code.

Finding ideas and planning your software.
Creating your graphics user interface.
Finding the best developers.
Selling your software online.
And much more

#9 Software Arbitrage Profits

Software Arbitrage Profits

How a chance conversation with a local taxi/cab company resulted in the easiest $497/Month software sale ever.
$1000 pay days without having to know a line of code.
An easy to follow step-by-step video training course.
The little known website that is a virtual goldmine of software and plugins you can resell.
Learn how you can grow a staggering recurring revenue with this model almost overnight.

#10  How I Made 1,000,000 Reselling Software

How I Made 1,000,000 Reselling Software

Ugly 1-page websites earned me $1,242,708.62 last year by reselling software.
I broke my system down into a formula that allows me to put these campaigns together quickly, and get them out and earning money fast.
The information in this guide is the result of years of trial and error as well as a million dollars’ worth of spilt tests to find the best combination of things that work.

#11 Local SEO Blueprint 2016

Local SEO Blueprint 2016

If you want a simple way to not only land new clients, but get them amazing results… you’re in the right place.
The Local SEO Blueprint 2016 will show you exactly how I’m ranking lead generation sites and generating phone calls consistently.
My special approach to SEO is specific for ranking in local organic search engine results.
Know exactly how to rank a website in the local search results and you have the flexibility to monetize it however your heart desires.

#12 Scientific Rankings

Scientific Rankings

Here is how to rank for anything without being at the mercy of Google.
It’s a simple step by step process to predictably rank for any type of keyword, broken down into 8 separate modules.
This training covers everything from the absolute basics, to very advanced strategies that may take a couple watches if you’re a beginner.

#13 Domain Authority Stacking

Domain Authority Stacking

Domain Authority Stacking is a safe and sustainable way of using backlinks of varying domain authority- in order to rank a primary money site without penalization of any kind.
Domain Authority Stacking is one of the most powerful and easy to learn during for anyone willing to take the time.
Learn about what not to do and what Domain Authority is not. There are a lot of imitations out there, don’t accept them until you understand how this system works.

#14  Secrets of The Search Engine Masters

Secrets of The Search Engine Masters

Learn step by step how the world’s top SEO Masters dominate the search engines.

You’ll hear exactly how to flatten out the learning curve to achieve results only available to experts.
Learn about the 5 main ‘user signals’ that tells Google your site is relevant.
Detailed answers on how to give Google what it wants and how having the correct SEO mindset can explode your business.

#15  Project Supremacy

Project Supremacy

Watch live as we take a brand new domain to #1 in Google and teach you step-by-step everything we do to get it there.
8 amazing weeks of SEO coaching covering A-Z.
Learn everything it takes to rank a site #1.

#16  WordPress Profits Simplified

WordPress Profits Simplified

These foolproof & proven methods will help you to make most out of your WordPress knowledge.

Learn to:
Boost your ROI by making optimal use of technology.
Get a deep insight into the best practices for making offline profits.
Develop an excellent understanding of niche site research and design.
Use time-tested freelance techniques to showcase your expertise.
Make the best use of WordPress and become a success story.
Get best results in a cost effective manner.

#17  WordPress Site Building Simplified

WordPress Site Building Simplified

Let me take you by the hand and show you live how to create a stunning WordPress website today.
This Unique and easy to understand information packed HQ video series will take you by the hand and make website building a cakewalk even for non-tech savvy people.

Quickly and easily create any kind of site you want.
Manage and update your site without fiddling with complicated codes.
Increase visibility and be accessible 24/7 for your customers.
Generate high-quality leads and convert them into loyal customers.
Reach widely scattered audience through mobile, tablet, desk top or laptop.

#18  101 Red Hot Email Subject Lines

101 Red Hot Email Subject Lines

Over 100, high converting, fill-in-the-blanks email subject lines you can use to ignite your open rates and sales.
You can skip all the hard work and just get emailing.
Whether you’re selling web site services, online courses, sales copy, real estate services, pet services, or hair cuts, these prewritten, fill-in-the-blanks templates are perfect for you.
All of the 101 red-hot email subject lines are evergreen, so you can use them today, tomorrow and for years to come.

#19  The Secret To Writing Profitable Emails

The Secret To Writing Profitable Emails

Imagine turning your email list into raving fans who spend.
What if you could write addictive emails anytime you like.
Picture being able to profit without being salesy or weird.
How quickly will you start with my ‘done for you‘ templates.
Discover the most profitable way to communicate.
Learn how often you should email.
Know the right time to start pitching.

#20  Laptop Lifestyle

Laptop Lifestyle

Use this simple easy to follow formula to build massive, profitable lists in lucrative niches.
You’ll learn the proper list building strategy and how to pair that with targeting profitable niches the correct way.
This simple newbie-friendly formula will show you the path to massive email lists you can rake in huge paydays from by sending simple emails.
We’ll take you by the hand and show you exactly how to get setup in just a few short minutes using WordPress so that you can begin building your new email marketing business the fast, simple, and profitable way.

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