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First to say. Thank to visit my review site . Today i’ll show you how to make money from clickback from 7 simple step

Earlier last January (04.01.2017), I had one session to share knowledge about Clickbank quite true. But there are still some question 1 from use quite specialized and one of knowledge can be confusing to new users, so in this article, I will summarize & deeper interpretation problems during this livestream.

The old path can you make money with clickbank know that I do not provide talk about at this time:

  • Construction Nichesite, Authority Site
  • Find promote new products (Product Launch)
  • Youtube Videos for each product unit
  • Funnel combines email marketing
  • Google Adwords, Bing Ads

But here I will share a little knowledge of advanced & focus on the promotion of the product, or the long-term niche by new way that has brought very good results in the long run past.

1 –  Construction Authority Youtube Channel

This is one of the ways the long-term nature of that I’m doing to make money with Clickbank, instead of up the individual videos (review, introduction, …) of products on Clickbank, it has built up intensity 1 Youtube channel about particular niche .

authority site

During the construction process, I do everything possible to get more viewers and subscribe to channels and they are really interested that “niche” . When there are new products on Clickbank related to this niche, I will promote one very quickly via Youtube channel was built.

The advantage of the building that’s Youtube Channel: The amount of fans moving up => The value of the channel is increasing. And when construction have a long time and a huge subscribe, it’s easy to promote new products

2 – Find & rent ads on blog / other websites.

With a high commission products on Clickbank numbers, we will have a lot of different ways to promote. Here I continue to share one method without losing the potential customer to find where. That strength will go find one long list of blogs / websites that provide relevant knowledge to product’re promoting. Maybe you need to rent :

  • Post, running ads on the website post or giving money to pull traffic website owners to post yourself (because they have quality data to retarget email or run yourself)
  • Banner on your website / blog.
  • Emailing website owners to file their email help
  • Buying data on blog / website this (only when actually buying experience & confidence because of the fake a lot)



When finding this site, you can check on the quality of content, their traffic, tell them to send a screenshot of Google Analytics statistics or other traffic statistical tools to see if it was okay ( piercings should select traffic sites on 10000 per month ). Also you should check the keywords that lead to the site what it is, is appropriate for the product being promoted is not prepared?

3 –  How to rent advertising without the high price

There are many websites / blogs can tell you a high price when you email for them, once you delve into the site want to place ads & email ( or text via skype ) asking website owners, maybe they will push up prices (may 3 double or even triple), so how to minimize this problem and deal the good price

This is how i deal the good price :

  • First you set up the e-mail 5, corresponding to 5 fake emails are 5 different profiles (Fake on both Facebook, Google +, …), generally look like real people (foreigners as possible). With this profile you only do 1 time and later 1 contact any website, blog does not need to repeat again.
  • Get the first email contact with the blog / website and the deal on the price. Do not compliment them more traffic or good website like this that.
  • You must research (or ask elsewhere) to advertise the market price so much. Such market price is $ 100 / week to advertise. You get the first contact email asking price $ 50, 2nd email bid $ 30, $ 40 mail 3rd, 4th emails is $ 60, … (like that)
  • To email the 5th is the last email is email closing price, you deal on the price of $ 90 when the website owners they will be easier and can agree now or bulldozing up to $ 100 (by market value) or higher up slightly also okay.
  • You can get the first email to ask if the price desired by many website owners are taking the account then after 1 bid prices are reasonable for most stable prices.
  • Note the sample emails or questions, please compose entirely different, for they do not know is the one person.



4 –  There should be doing to promote clickbank website or not?

For anyone to work with Product Launch, Nichesite Amazon, … was very familiar with the making website. However, with the number of websites such as Clickbank can do to promote or not?

This depends on how the promotion and dragging your traffic. With me, I still make the website but not many, and purchase additional hosting, domain name to:

  • Truncation and manage affiliate links (When signing up many promotional channels)
  • Making video site to sign up, to run ads on the page



And the form that I applied the most in recent times remains:

  • Youtube Channel Authority
  • Rent articles, banners on blog / website strongest available
  • Purchase data from the blog / website this
  • Run ads via network (discussed in the following)

But get your website or not, depends on how many people. Products of high competition niche website building (nichesite) are becoming difficult, can still use the website to:

  • Construction sales funnel to collect customer data
  • Still renting or building post Youtube but pull traffic on separate landing page to collect marketing data and then later (Create or generate trend data rather community with direct marketing)

So let’s define exactly how you pulling traffic, then you will decide  to make a website or not.

5 –  Run ads Facebook without making facebook ad account dead

Facebook Ads is one indispensable tool when making Clickbank. Like making money with Teespring T-shirts, if you earn good product and good advertising on Facebook, you will be able to sell a lot or get more customer data from Facebook. Because the next target in the US or EU users fairly standard.

Status advertising accounts in VN sure you know, easy to be locked, even doing just been compiled yet also locked, add tags to also locked, Payment lately also locked…

About tips to help us with the Facebook Ads advertising account long run without my problem is that if you have relatives (friends) overseas, thanks to help them set up an account and add your ads do admin. If you do not have to know the right relationship, but nobody would help this paragraph.


FB advertising

6 – Run ads via Network.

This is one way I’m doing that you can test. It provides highly effective and selective after one time running :

Instead you have to go looking for the blog / website ( WordPress ,G+ , Facebook ) has the same field with the product that you are promoting, you will find the affiliate / cpa affiliate network has come with the blog / website field.


Running through this network will save much time for you to walk over to your search. But the question here is not always good network, so there’s no shortage of fake data network, reliability fake, fake click … to trick us. And if you are a novice would not know what was running through the prestigious net.

So how to deal with here, please go back to find one of the sites of your niche are doing, but find only some major websites, when in reading their content, you will see the accident advertising  from some networks, you will click on the ad, then copy the URL and find out which ads are displayed from any network

7 – Seize the trend to advertise effectively.


When you promote any product on Clickbank, they will have many tools available to help you advertise as:

  • Email templates
  • Banner
  • Posts
  • ….

But you should know that these templates will have you spend a lot of common affiliate. And this content to Promote the customer can make them boring.

So my advice would be to taking the trend, which means watching the trend. Saying what is HOT in the country, their states to apply in time:

  • Write the email template,
  • write content to run ads  banner or characteristics of that trend,

then your ad content will stimulate much, CTR will up