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MailGet Review – Introduction

MailGet Review

In this world of technology and Internet communication, email marketing has become the most important form of direct marketing that helps vendor sends emails to customers about their products and services. This helps earn new customers as well as maintain customer relationship.

That is why you need a fantastic email marketing tool that can provide you all the features and conveniences you like to finish the tasks. MailGet, therefore, would be a reliable and affordable choice for many of people.

That is why I give you my MailGet Review, to share my perspective about the product. Let’s look at the MailGet Review from start to end.

MailGet Review – Overview

Launch date

  Vendor  :               Neeraj Agarwal
  Product :               MailGet
  Launch Date :        2017-May-13
  Launch Time :        11:00 EDT
  Front-end Price :   $67
  Niche :                  General
  SalePage :             CLICK ME
  Bonus :                  Urchance Reward Packages
  Recommend :         Highly Recommend


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MailGet Review – What is MailGet ?

What is MailGet ?

MailGet is a solution for your email marketing. It is extremely easy to use with a simple and straightforward interface and ready to use templates. So far MailGet is one of the best email marketing services.

Let me go deeper into what it can do. It enables you to send as many emails as you want from the list. You can even import these emails into CSV format and then begin to send them. The product is currently plugged with Mandril, Mailjet, MailGun, PostMark and SendGrid. It offers you every feature you need to connect with SMTP service to get emails sent.

Now let’s get on with the next part of the MailGet Review to see how it is that special.

MailGet Review – Feature details

Well, now in this part of the MailGet Review, I will give you a quick look at what MailGet can do.

Provide an affordable solution

Provide an affordable solution

With a price of just $67, I strongly believe MailGet is currently one of the cheapest email marketing tools on the market. Cheaper than others but still offers the same features to complete your marketing campaigns. How can you say no?

Responsive email builder

Responsive email builder

MailGet provides responsive templates that you can edit easily to become stunning email templates in just a few seconds.

40+ SMTP Integration Available

40+ SMTP Integration Available

Powerful responsive email builder to design pixel-perfect, branded emails that look incredible in every inbox and on every device.

Drag & Drop elements have unique green CTA Buttons which are tested & proven to Double/Triple Click Rate in every campaigns.

Manage your email list

Manage your email list

Now you can easily collect and segment and then manage all of your close contacts to send messages effectively. The engagement and the deliverability will surely much higher than before.

Import Emails Easily

Import Emails Easily

Easily import your email list via CSV or individual Contacts and ensure your list is up to date. You can also block and delete contact individually as needed.

Cleaning email list

Cleaning email list

MailGet can do the email list validation thing and therefore verify your email address. It will delete all the irrelevant contacts and make it inactive. This helps your marketing campaigns run more smoothly.

Send follow-up emails

Send follow-up emails

Another thing I would like to mention in this MailGet Review is that you will save tons of time on follow-up emails. Usually it will take days to send all of them, but now you can send automatic mails with much higher open rates.

Choose the contact list and send separate emails

Choose the contact list and send separate emails

For those who have countless names in the contact lists, now you can choose to send for some separate contacts in just a few actions. Save more time for you ever.

Track the mail campaign

Track the mail campaign

MailGet will analyse from the graphs as well as the statistics to see things such as how many clicks you have, how many subscribers and how many unsubscribe and then you will get a record for all of that. How convenient.

Subscription Form

Subscription Form

Powerful responsive email builder to design pixel-perfect, branded emails that look incredible in every inbox and on every device. Drag & Drop elements have unique green CTA Buttons which are tested & proven to Double/Triple Click Rate in every campaigns.

Email Drips

Email Drips

Drip is the most cost-effective way to use marketing automation to grow your business. This automated process send a set of messages or content to sales leads at the right moment to move them through the sales cycle.

Autoresponder Email

Autoresponder Email

It is a pre-written email that automatically triggers out as an immediate response when any new subscriber gets added to your contact list. Welcome your subscribers with automated emails.

NO Hosting Required

NO Hosting Required

You don’t have to do complicated setup as no separate hosting required for MaiGet. Everything is managed by us.

MailGet Review – How does it work?

Below are three steps for you to complete an email:

First Step : drag, drop the email builder

Step 2: edit some basic text things

Step 3: edit the HTML code

Click here to watch the demo video:

MailGet Review – Who should use it?

I also want to note in this MailGet Review that MailGet is not limited to any particular kind of users. In other words, marketers, affiliate marketers and vendors and people and bloggers of all levels can use it, and should use it easily and effectively.

MailGet Review – Pros and cons

Now I will point out what I thought about MailGet, I will try to be fair so that you can see the product more completely.

About advantages

  • Easily set up and use (drag and drop)
  • Many integrations through Zapier
  • Simple interface and easy to follow tutorials

About disadvantages

Cannot edit the subscriber part



MailGet Review – User experience

I only share the MailGet review after I have tested the product by myself. So I am going to share my first experience with MailGet. I wanted to find something that can attract potential customers and also can maintain existing customer relationships. And it should work automatically, too. Then I discovered MailGet.

My conversion rate along with the engagement has gone up incredibly so far. What is more, I do not even spend more time for the better results, I have more leisure time to take care of other goals as well as my personal things.

MailGet is really a worth buying tool if you wish to have something that can work less for more money. Grab it and enjoy it all by yourself. I am so sure you will absolutely love it, just like I do.

MailGet Review – Evaluation and Price

The front-end price for a package of MailGet is $67. Not a so expensive price, isn’t it. Also, you also get a couple of bonuses from the vendor, so make sure you are one of the early birds.

Buying MailGet



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Personally I feel this is one of the best tools that every online marketer should have and must have. It offers spectacular features with not a ridiculously high price, which is quite common in many conventional tools.

Thanks for reading my MailGet Review and I hope you can make a good choice. Wish you all the best!


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