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Lifetime.Hosting Review – Introduction

Lifetime.Hosting Review

To put it simply, web hosting is basically the online representation of your agency. It is defined as your website’s home in which you can communicate, send messages and emails to your clients conveniently. In short, a web host is literally an online shop of your company.

Through web hosting, Internet entrepreneurs can proceed transactions, as well as give their audience newest information related to their business and keep their blogs updated regularly. In other words, web hosting is the online profile of your business, helping you keep in contact with your own audience.

Because web hosting is your digital identity, you will be able to attract more customers, thus achieving enormous amounts of sales if you have a high-quality web host. Also, it enables you to have good search rankings on Google.

Therefore, Lifetime.Hosting is designed to provide users with a reliable web host. Thus, please do not hesitate to read my Lifetime.Hosting Review for more details.

Lifetime.Hosting Review – Overview

·         Vendor: Richard Madison
·         Product: Lifetime.Hosting Relaunch
·         Launch Date: 2017-May-11
·         Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
·         Front-End Price: $15
·         Sales Page: Click Here 
·         Niche :  Hosting
·         Bonus : Reward packages
·         Recommend : High level

Lifetime.Hosting Review - guarantee

Lifetime.Hosting Review - Get asscess

Lifetime.Hosting Review – What is it about?

Lifetime.Hosting is widely known as a service in which clients only need to pay one time for their hosting. Once you finish purchasing the package, they are going to keep on helping you host your website until you want to stop.

Lifetime.Hosting is created to help users establish their own business websites, personalize email, ranting blogs and so on. For more details, you can read the following content of my Lifetime.Hosting Review.

Lifetime.Hosting Review – About Author

Lifetime.Hosting Review - Author

Richard Madison may be a familiar name to many internet marketers in the field because he has long been a renowned online entrepreneur, digital marketer and softwatre developer with years of experience.

Over the past few years, he has led a successful career as a well-known web hosting service provider, earning boatloads of online money in his pocket. His thorough knowledge and personal experience have been shown in his previous software and services, especially with Lifetime.Hosting and its previous versions.

This time, Lifetime.Hosting is developed from the background of its predecessors, with some new features and functions being added. Therefore, I believe that Lifetime.Hosting is going to be a huge success like its predecessors.

Lifetime.Hosting Review – Features and Benefits

Powerful web host

Lifetime.Hosting Review - Powerful web host

The most outstanding feature that you will have a chance to experience if you choose Lifetime.Hosting is that you can earn huge amounts of money through every transaction taking place on your website. The more the clients spend on your products, the more incomes you are able to make.

Furthermore, Lifetime.Hosting totally deserves users’ trust as it provides them with robust hosting backed up by Cloud Linux, LiteSpeed, cPanel and many more. They all have more than fourteen years of hosting-related experience with above 50,000 customers around the world.

Brand new features added

Mobile/Responsive site builder

Lifetime.Hosting Review - Mobile/Responsive site builder

The improved edition of site builder allows users to easily build their websites, plus it is optimized for a wide range of technological devices, including smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. By using Lifetime.Hosting, you do not have to re-invent the wheel anymore because you are fully capable of establishing on and displaying anywhere at any time.

Three free domains

Lifetime.Hosting Review - Three free domains

This time, Lifetime.Hosting provides customers with a great opportunity to register for three free domains which can be used for a lifetime. Thus, it enables you to save a lot of time, effort and money on maintain the domain name resgistrations and other relevant issues.

Advertising credits

Lifetime.Hosting Review - Advertising credits


In order to be successful, you need to drive traffic to your site. Lifetime.Hosting provides a package that contains $50 Bing (no deposit), $50 Amazon sponsored product (no deposit), $20 Bidvertiser (no deposit), $100 perfect audience retargeting (no deposit), $100 YouTube ($25 deposit), $75 Google Adwords ($25 deposit).


Lifetime.Hosting Review – How does it Work?

Take a look at the video here to find out more clearly the features that Lifetime.Hosting has to offer and how it works as a whole.

Lifetime.Hosting Review – Who Should Use It?

In my opinion, Lifetime.Hosting is not limited to any particular kind of users because it is proven to work for anyone who aims for the best results. Therefore, I highly recommend this software to product vendors, affiliate marketers and so on.

Overall, Lifetime.Hosting is a proper choice for anyone who desires to make monthly revenues from web hosting, or those who already have a list of marketers, developers and start-ups but have no idea what to do with it.

In other words, as long as you own or promote a business and you desire to build up a powerful website to support your business, then Lifetime.Hosting is your solution.

Lifetime.Hosting Review – Pros and Cons


  • Easy to optimize
  • Perfect customer service – unlimited support any time you need
  • Suitable for multiple niches with numerous different demands


No weakness detected.

Lifetime.Hosting Review – User experience

I also want to share my personal experience in this Lifetime.Hosting Review in order to give you a clearer view of this product.

Since I started using Lifetime.Hosting, I strongly believe that it is not exaggerating to claim that it is one of the best web hosting service in the market. First and foremost, it helps me establish and maintain my business site as a strong, sustainable and long-term one while I do not have to lift a single finger.

Besides saving a lot of time, I am also able to dramatically increase my conversion rates thanks to the stunning works that Lifetime.Hosting offers, thus enhancing the productivity of my marketing campaigns.

Other hosting reviewed by Urchance Review

Richard who? Ask these guys

Sam Bakker

Richard and his team put together a great product and a funnel that converted really well. When I promoted the first Lifetime.Hosting I generated 844 sales in under a week. And my list and I were really impressed with the live support provided.
His launch was in the top 10% of all my 2016 launches. Pretty impressive stuff. If you’re think about working with Richard, do it.

Sam Bakker

Han Fan

Richard is not only a great affiliate that can hit your top 10 but also a great person to connect with. If you’re looking for a great offer to promote, make sure you sign up for Richard and put his on the top of your list. He is one of a few people that will actually reciprocate hard for you.

Han Fan

Igor Burban

Of all the products I have promoted, Richard’s Lifetime.Hosting launch resulted in the best affiliate earnings. He is easy to reach out to and always helps with all my JV related questions. Also his product support team is top notch. I highly recommend promoting Richard’s products.


 — Igor Burban —

Gee Sanghera

I’ve worked with Richard twice on his Lifetime Hosting promotion. Both converted amazingly well. His support and dedication that he provides for his customers and affiliates are some of the best in the industry. I’ll definitely look for his future launches as I know they’ll convert really well. The fact that he’s a really cool guy is an added bonus.

 — Gee Sanghera —

Jason Fulton

I’m happy to talk about Richard Madison and the heat that he can bring to your launch. This guy jumped on my recent launch 48 hours after it started and within 24 hours he rocketed to the top of the leaderboard sending the most sales and revenue. It’s the first time I’ve dealt with Richard and I’ll tell you I’m happy to deal with him more and more. 24 hours, 100+ sales.

 — Jason Fulton — 

Vas Blagodarskiy

I give Richard two thumbs up and I recommend you work with him – you will see a major difference to your bottom line. His copy converts & his team consists of experienced top-shelf tech support & customer service reps. You don’t know what making money online is until you’ve work with Richard – period.


— Vas Blagodarskiy —      

Lifetime.Hosting Review – Evaluation and Price

Through my Lifetime.Hosting Review, I want to give a friendly reminder that for those who want to possess this web hosting service, please keep in mind the launch date which is scheduled on May 11, 2017. In addition, if you are keen on buying this product at this point, the front-end price is $14,95.

Lifetime.Hosting Review - Sale funnel

  • Front End – Lifetime Hosting
    • Bronze 1 for $14.95 – includes hosting for 1 website, 250 mb storage. (Early Bird Save $5)
    • Silver 4 for $37 – includes hosting for 4 website, 4 gb storage. (Early Bird Save $10)
    • Platinum 12 for $67 – includes hosting for 12 websites, 12 gb storage. (Early Bird Save $20)
  • OTO1 – Triple Up
    • $14.95 – $67 – We will triple their resources for the same price they paid on the front end. (Early Bird Save $5 – $20)
  • OTO2 – Add-on Bundle
    • Platinum $77 -Includes unlimited lifetime SSL certificates, lifetime priority backup & recovery, white glove cPanel migration and 6 lifetime domains with lifetime domain privacy (a $339.40 value) (Early Bird Save $20).
  • OTO2 Downsell – Add-on Bundle
    • Silver $37 – Includes unlimited lifetime SSL certificates, lifetime priority backup & recovery and 1 lifetime domain with lifetime domain privacy (a $119.85 value) (Early Bird Save $10).
  • OTO3 – Lifetime Hosting Reseller
    • Reseller 20 for $97 – resell 20 Silver 4 packages ($1,998 value)
    • Reseller 50 for $197 – resell 50 Silver 4 packages ($5,995 value)
    • Reseller 100 for $297 – resell 100 Silver 4 packages ($11,920 value)
  • OTO3 Downsell – Lifetime Hosting Reseller 3-Pay
    • Reseller 20 for 3 monthly payments of $37 (total $111) – resell 20 Silver 4 packages ($1,998 value)
    • Reseller 50 for 3 monthly payments of $77 (total @231) – resell 50 Silver 4 packages ($5,995 value)
    • Reseller 100 for 3 monthly payments of $117 (total $351) – resell 100 Silver 4 packages ($11,920 value)

Besides, you can purchase Lifetime.Hosting via Master card, Visa card or Paypal because it is more convenient. Take a look at the funnel below and carefully consider before making your final decison.

For further information, you can go to this website and find out more about this software:

Lifetime.Hosting Review - Payment

Lifetime.Hosting Review – Conclusion

To sum up, I hope that the information in my Lifetime.Hosting Review will provide you with a better understanding of this incredible product. However, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime.


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Thank for reading my Lifetime.Hosting Review

Lifetime.Hosting Review - Goodbye

  • Easy to use
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Feature
  • Bonus
  • Support


Lifetime.Hosting is widely known as a service in which clients only need to pay one time for their hosting. Once you finish purchasing the package, they are going to keep on helping you host your website until you want to stop.
Lifetime.Hosting is created to help users establish their own business websites, personalize email, ranting blogs and so on. For more details, you can read the following content of my Lifetime.Hosting Review.

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