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Info Profits Academy Review
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• Quick to see the results
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Actually, there is nothing much to complain about the product. However, I think it would be perfect if the vendor introduces more passive income machines.

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Info Profits Academy Review – Introduction

Passive income has been a dream of many people because it allows us to work on a very short amount of time but still receives financial rewards afterward. If you spend some minutes searching on the Internet, you will see that there are countless ways of getting money from passive income machine.

Info Profits Academy

However, from my own experience, passive income is not that easy, especially to those who learn by themselves and do not have any help from experts. It would be a real fight. So the question is where do we learn from?

If everything I said in this part of the Info Profits Academy is exact to you then you have come to the right place. I am going to introduce to you an online course that teaches you everything there is to know about passive income.

Let’s look at my Info Profits Academy Review and see what Info Profits Academy is and how it is special.

Info Profits Academy Review – Overview

Info Profits Academy Rating

Vendor: Greg Kononenko et al
Product: Info Profits Academy
Launch Date: 2017 – June – 10th
Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
Front-end Price: $27
Niche: Social Media
Salepage :
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Refund: 30 days money back guarantee
Recommend: Highly recommended

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Info Profits Academy Review – What is Info Profits Academy?

Info Profits Academy Review

To begin this Info Profits Academy Review, Info Profits Academy is a video course that includes resources and step-by-step instructions for a newbie to start earning money from passive income machines.

Info Profits allows you to carefully watch how the vendor manages with his small amount of money to start a passive income money within only 30 minutes. You will see the results come right in the week whether you are a newbie or an expert.

When you are familiar with how things work, you can easily scale up the machines and enjoy the passive income to come.

Info Profits Academy Review – About author

Info Profits Academy Developer

Greg Kononenko is the man behind this product. He is not a strange name in the industry of creating digital products. Many years of constantly learning and practice have enabled him to earn up to thousands per month from passive income. And the best part? He is going to share his method to all of us in his next launch: Info Profits Academy.

Let’s look at the next part of the Info Profits Academy Review and learn what is inside the course.

Info Profits Academy Review – Feature details

This is the most important part in my Info Profits Academy Review: what you will learn via the course:

  • How to set up a passive income machine in just 30 minutes

Feature of Info Profits Academy

  • How to earn more than $3000 each month with free traffic and not need to have a website
  • Monetize from the passive income machine each month without working so hard. Just set once and profits come afterward

And many other things involving earning passive income!

Info Profits Academy Prove

How does it work?

As you can see in this Info Profits Academy Review, there are just 3 simple steps to get results:

Step 1: follow all the steps that Info Profits Academy offers in the course to get your machine started.

Step 2: distribute the passive income machine for all the platforms that provide free traffic

Step 3: enjoy the results

Info Profits Academy Benefit

And then just repeat the steps to scale up your income. It’s that easy and simple.

Let me share with you what I did when I start the machine. It was pretty simple which I think anyone can do it. First of all, I built some short tutorials in a specific format. These videos cover many common topics.

I should not forget to mention that at that stage, I had known literally nothing about these topics as well as how to build them. I just thought of it, researched a bit and then I started.

I tried to share these tutorials on some marketplaces and surprisingly, there was up to 10000 thousand people looking for my products. I could not believe that. I did even need to try to do any selling at all. It just came at once.

It took me about nearly an hour to finish. I must admit that I am rather slow on technology but it took me just about an hour to finish.

Info Profits Academy Review – Who should use it?

The upcoming you will see in this Info Profits Academy Review is targeted audience who will benefit the most from Info Profits Academy:

  • First, Those who have limited budget on paid traffic
  • Those who want to earn passive income
  • Those who make money online
  • Those who want to save time by working just once and get benefits afterwardWhy i need Info Profits Academy

And much more! Info Profits Academy is not just for marketing elite. It’s for everyone who wants to earn more money.

Info Profits Academy Review – Pros and Cons

To give you a broader view of the product, I also attach some of its pros and cons in this Info Profits Academy Review:


  • Quick to see the results
  • Newbie friendly
  • Step-by-step instruction


Actually, there is nothing much to complain about the product. However, I think it would be perfect if the vendor introduces more passive income machines.

Info Profits Academy Review – User experience

Let me share with you my own experience in this part of the Info Profits Academy Review. Info Profits Academy has given me so many things that I could not find elsewhere. Owing to the lessons, I learn how to build a lot of passive income machines that need not have a website. Since then, I’ve got hundreds each month and more likely to scale up to thousands.

Info Profits Academy Pros and Cons

Secondly, Info Profits Academy teaches me how to distribute all the machines I have created for all the social platforms that offer free traffic. I literally did not do any typical work and still earn hundreds.

To be able to do these things, Info Profits Academy has provided a carefully displayed instruction. I am so thankful for this because I am actually not the one who is good with tech and computer. Just follow the instruction and the machines will work. It’s super easy.

No wasting money on paid traffic anymore. Info Profits Academy enables you to get free traffic without paying any expense. Everything is automatic and work on complete autopilot. It’s the machine that works all the time.

There is one last thing that I should not forget to tell you. There is no limit to how many machines or how much you are going to make out of the method. You can create as many machines as you like and earn how much as you want. It all depends on you.

In short, what I have just presented in the above lines of the Info Profits Academy is just my own experience. You should consider carefully about your needs and budgets before deciding whether to buy it or not. However, $27 is not so big of a deal to not to try it, isn’t it?

Info Profits Academy Review – Evaluation and Price

Info Profits Academy Sale Funnel

Info Profits Academy is available at the price of $27. This is the best deal you can get for such an online course that teaches you everything about how to earn passive income.

Click here to buy it

Get Info Profits Academy

Info Profits Academy would be a great choice for newbies who just started to earn money online or those who are too busy to handle tasks frequently. Passive income machines are what will give you a whole lot of benefits even if you do not make much effort for it.

Thanks for following this Info Profits Academy Review and I hope it truly helps you. Good luck!

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