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FlexSocial Review - Overview
  • Easy to use
  • Price
  • Feature
  • Quality
  • Bonus
  • Support


• Time, effort, and money saving
• Full control over posting time
• Comprehensive customization
• Ease of manipulation
• Inclusion of training tutorials

• More focus on Facebook
• Lack of YouTube, WordPress and G+ integration

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FlexSocial Review Introduction

FlexSocial Review

Many marketers often associate social media marketing with daunting tasks of find and posting content on each account. And more than often in their lives they wish to have something on which they can manage and automate all their accounts. FlexSocial seems to make the wish come true, but does it really work? This FlexSocial Review will now give you the honest answer.

FlexSocial Review – Overview

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Vendor: Daniel Adetunji
Product: FlexSocial
Launch Date: 2017-Jun-16
Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $47
Sales Page: LINK HERE
Niche: Software

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FlexSocial Review Product Concept


FlexSocial is a social media marketing platform on which its users can have the full control over the marketing tasks on 6 different networks. Specifically, they are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and LinkedIn. In other words, it is a social media automation tool for online marketing.

This platform allows for content optimization, traffic generation, and business expansion. By enabling its users to manage six of the major social media accounts, it helps to deploy the marketing campaigns easier and faster.

FlexSocial Review About author

Author FlexSocial

Daniel Adetunji is a social media expert, who is the “father” of many digital products focusing on this field. His invention has helped millions of marketers to get forwards in their marketing campaign.

Such products as Instant Video Sales Letter, Audience Social, and CovertPlug have no longer the strange things to the online marketers. His newest brainchild – FlexSocial claims to be just another hot deal from this expert.

And now this FlexSocial Review will elaborate on whether or not it deserves to be what it claimed.

FlexSocial Review Features & Benefits

Manage all social media accounts in one dashboard

As my FlexSocial Review already mentioned, this platform is a comprehensive dashboard on which users can manage all 6 of their social media accounts. Normally, we have to switch to different networks and experience the learning curve in fan page administration.

However, FlexSocial removes any skills needed for social media marketing. Whether it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Tumblr, FlexSocial facilitates the managing tasks in every aspect.

Auto features

With FlexSocial, users can automate many managing and marketing tasks. In fact, all the works relating to interacting with and maintaining the customers can be done on complete autopilot. Specifically, users can automate and schedule all of their posts and make it appear anytime they want.


FlexSocial Feature on Facebook

  • Manage all pages on one dashboard
  • Post content instantly or on schedule
  • Post to multiple pages at one time
  • Post on any events
  • Send automatic message to anyone commenting on the page
  • Send automatic response to anyone messaging the page
  • Drive traffic via auto post feature
  • Develop the fan base on autopilot


FlexSocial Feature on Instagram

  • Post any content instantly or on schedule
  • Schedule unlimited posts
  • Copyright free image finder
  • 3-step posting: Upload – Set date and time – Schedule





FlexSocial Feature on Pinterest

  • Create boards with creative ideas
  • Search for high-converting content
  • Copy-and-paste content
  • 3-step posting: Click the tab in left panel – Enter details – Click “Create”





FlexSocial Feature on Twitter

  • Update status instantly or on schedule
  • Schedule unlimited status
  • Automate the engagement to grow Twitter account





FlexSocial Feature on Linkedin

  • Post any content instantly or on schedule
  • Share posts to boost followers
  • Edit title, link, description, and message






FlexSocial Feature on Tumblr

  • Post and Update any content instantly or on schedule
  • Manage all blog post from the centralized system




Besides being a marketing platform, FlexSocial also acts as an image source which users can freely use without any recurring fee. This image source provides seemingly endless choice for picture content. It thus makes sure the quality of the content being posted on any social networks.

Built-in image editor

FlexSocial Benefit

This tool also offers an editor to serve any customization from the users. With FlexSocial, imagination is the only limit. And once users finish their editing, they can share the content on all accounts or selective accounts of their choice.

FlexSocial analytics

FlexSocial Analytics

This platform proves its performance by providing an elaborate analytic on the operation of any campaign. Users have a thorough understanding of the audiences’ reaction to their campaigns. As a result, any monitoring or correcting action is conducted on time. In fact, this feature is what my FlexSocial Review appreciates the most.

Elite training & VIP Mastermind Group

FlexSocial Training

Inside this platform, Daniel provided his own training on how to grow multiple social media channels in any niche. This training is free and is provided via the live webinar from the author.

Inside the mastermind group, users share their knowledge and discuss their problems with the experts in the area. This is a forum for them to acquire knowledge, current trend, and the secrets to boost the outcome. The mastermind group is also where users can get support from the FlexSocial Team or the fellow group members.

FlexSocial Review Platform mechanism

Put it simply, FlexSocial is a management and marketing tool for all social media accounts. This tool allows for easy and quick manipulation on every account that users want to focus on. It is also a posting automation tool that enables users to have their content appear on any target network.

FlexSocial works in 3 simple steps.

Create – Dig out the image or keyword in any niche to create content. Use built-in editor to beautify text, video, and image.

Post – Post or schedule the content on one or multiple social media platform

Analyze – Check the campaign result to know which content worked better

FlexSocial Review Target Users

As FlexSocial Review already stated, this platform covers 6 different social networks. Thus, all users of these networks can benefit from using it for more social engagement. It facilitates all the managing and marketing tasks, saving time and effort for its users.

This platform is especially suitable for those who are newbies, as it does not require any skill or experience. Also, if you are a social media marketer, you will find this tool helpful.

And for those who are looking for a simple way to acquire massive exposure for their online business, this tool is a good choice. By running campaigns on this platform, it’s more likely to generate high-value traffic and leads.

FlexSocial Review Pros & Cons


  • Time, effort, and money saving
  • Full control over posting time
  • Comprehensive customization
  • Ease of manipulation
  • Inclusion of training tutorials


  • More focus on Facebook
  • Lack of YouTube, WordPress and G+ integration

FlexSocial Review Personal Experience

What my FlexSocial Review likes the most about this platform is its comprehensiveness. It comes with every possible automation feature for all marketing tasks. And more importantly, it works with any business of any niche. For the newbies, FlexSocial is thus a good starting point.

What I don’t really like about this tool is that it lacks integration with youTube, WordPress and Google Plus. Many online marketers these days have relied on these platforms for traffic and leads.

It’d be much better if it has an upgrade on this feature in the near future. However, I believe that this lack is completely understandable because it may be very confusing when there are too many networks built in one dashboard.

Some softwares i reviewed i think it’s useful : 

FlexSocial Review Evaluation & Price

FlexSocial Funnel

FlexSocial is now available for sales at $47. And this is the one-time price for lifetime access. For this reason, I believe it is truly a high-value package at a great price. I have no regret marking it as Highly Recommend in this FlexSocial Review.

FlexSocial Download

However, please note that the price may significantly increase after the launch week. So if you want to have it at a good price, you’d better be an early bird. Secure your slot HERE.

FlexSocial Review Conclusion

In short, FlexSocial is a comprehensive platform to manage social media marketing campaigns. Whether you are a newbie or an oldie in the field, you will still find this app helpful. Grab it ASAP before the price increase. Thank you for reading this FlexSocial Review,


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